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Export TASKE Visualizer Call Data from Large PBX Files

Last Updated: 16-May-2016


TASKE Call Export XML is an add-on integration module that lets you export call data from TASKE Visualizer to XML files. If TASKE cannot complete the export, check the size of your PBX files. During the export, large PBX files may cause the computer to run out of memory or a Windows Kernel exception. You can confirm the reason for the failed export by checking the TASKE log file, which is available from TASKE Administrator.


TASKE version 8.9.3476.0 or higher. You can upgrade your TASKE, if required.


A registry entry determines whether the call data is exported to one or many XML files. If this entry is not defined or if its value is set to 0, TASKE exports the call data to one XML file. The file name specifies the date of the export (for example, 20151207.xml).

You can set the registry value based on the maximum number of calls you want data included for, rounded up to 1000. TASKE creates multiple files, as required to export the call data. For example, if the registry value is set to 10, each XML file includes data for up to 1000 calls. File names specify the date of the export and a numeric suffix that identifies the sequence of the exported call data (for example, 20151207-0001, 20151207-0002, and so on).

You may want to back up the registry by exporting it before making changes. For information, see your operating system documentation.

Use the following steps to edit the registry entry:

  1. On the TASKE server computer, open the Windows Registry Editor. Refer to Article 10184 if you’re using a 64-bit machine.
  2. Create the following registry entry:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\TASKE Technology\Call Management\CXE\Split
    You can access and edit this entry at a later time if you need to change its value again.
  3. Set the value of the Split DWORD registry key to the number of calls you want to include in each file.
    Important: Be careful to ensure you set the size appropriately. The value field can be in  decimal or hexidecimal. For example, 1000 in base 16 (hex) is 4096 in base 10 (decimal).
  4. Exit the Registry Editor.

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