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The Graphics page in WallSign Administrator provides a drawing platform for creating custom graphics for display on reader boards. These graphics are supported on serial-connected reader boards, however, IP-based reader boards are unable to decipher the graphical information provided by WallSign Administrator and display these graphics. The Spectrum supplied graphics that are embedded in the reader boards are functional for both serial-connected and IP-connected reader boards.


When a custom graphic is included in a reader board message, an alpha-numeric or special character (a-z, 0-9, !, @, #…) displays in its place.


Each graphic created on the Graphics page of WallSign Administrator is identified by a label that translates to an alpha-numeric or special character. When the information for the graphic is sent to the IP-based reader boards, only the label is recognized and displayed, causing the expected graphic to appear as a character such as the letter M.


Currently the only way to display custom graphics created in WallSign Administrator is to use serial-connected reader boards. If graphics are desired with IP-based reader boards, use the Spectrum supplied graphics that are embedded in the reader boards. These are the graphics displayed in the Special Graphics section of the Messages and Quick Messages pages of WallSign Administrator.

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