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Real-Time Java Applets Do Not Load

Last Updated: 21-Sep-2015


Occasionally the real-time java applets within the real-time areas of TASKE will not load completely. The applets that do not load will show the title of the Queue with the blue outline of the applet section but the section itself will be completely blank. This issue has been noticed with versions 7 and 8 of Java.

Applets not loading

ACD Queue Java Applet Not Loading



Download the TASKE service pack to update your TASKE installation.  Once you download the JarUpdate.exe file you will need to run it on the TASKE Server.

Additional Information

This update will not require a service restart or disrupt any data collection. Web users will need to log out and back in to the TASKE web page. Version 8.9.3427 or higher do not require this service pack.

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