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Upgrading to Java 7 Update 51

Last Updated: 21-Jan-2014


Oracle has released a new version of Java and have introduced a few changes. Most notably an Exception Site List that is managed utilizing the Java Control Panel.


Systems running Java 7 Update 51 cannot access the TASKE web portal.


After upgrading to Java 7 Update 51 it is recommended to add the TASKE web portal to the client’s Java Exception Site List.

If there is a requirement to add this exception to multiple PC’s or if users do not have access to manage the exception list, please see the Manage Access to the Exception Site List section on the Oracle Java SE Documentation website.

To add the TASKE web portal as an exception in Java,

  1. In your Microsoft Windows Control Panel list, find and open the Java Control Panel.   A Windows Search for “java” can be used to quickly locate this option.
  2. Select the Security tab
  3. Click the Edit Site List button
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Type in the TASKE web portal website address*

*Note:  This website address must end in a forward slash (/), for example:  http://servername/taske/

Java 7u51 Security Tab with website exception added

Java 7 Update 51 Security Tab

Additional Information

For more information please see Oracle’s Java documentation site.


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