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Java Detection Failed

Last Updated: 3-May-2021

Applies to

TASKE Contact and Essential, versions prior to 2016.1. Read about the update that removed Java Applets here.


When logging into TASKE Contact or Essential, you may get an error stating that Java detection has failed.

Java Detection Failed
Java™ is either disabled or not present. Java is required by TASKE web applications. The Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is recommended.

If you click the Sign In Anyway button TASKE will appear to function normally however you may not be able to select dates from calendar controls.


New security features that have been added to Java 7 Update 21 and above are too restrictive for TASKE products to function properly.


For TASKE to function as expected the Java security level must be changed from Very High to High.

  1. In your Microsoft Windows Control Panel list, find and open the Java Control Panel.   A Windows Search for “java” can be used to quickly locate this option.

  2. Select the Security tab.

  3. Ensure that Enable Java content in the browser is checked.

  4. Set the Security Level slider to High.

  5. Click OK to commit the changes. A browser restart may be required.

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