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How to Change Where Desktop Stores Configuration Files

Last Updated: 10-Aug-2016


In order to maintain user settings between sessions, TASKE Desktop stores some information in a configuration folder. By default this folder is named .taske and is located in the user’s Windows profile directory. This article describes how to change the default location to a different folder.


TASKE version 8.9.3196 or greater. If you require, you can upgrade your TASKE.


Adding a configuration file in the root of the TASKE Desktop installation folder will instruct Desktop to store its settings files elsewhere.

  1.  Locate the installation directory of Desktop. By default, this is in the Windows Program Files folder, in the subfolder …\TASKE\Contact. The file ttdsktop.jar is located in this folder.
  2. Create a text file named ttdsktop.home in the Desktop installation folder.
  3. Edit the ttdsktop.home file to specify the path for the user settings in the first line of the file. The path may be a local directory, or a network share. For example:
    • E:\TASKE\UsersSettings
    • \\mycomputername\TASKE\DesktopUserA.

    As an option, you can include [USER] one or more times, such as:


    where [USER] is replaced with the Windows user name at run-time. This option is useful when using the ttdsktop.home file is on a shared computer where different Windows users login.

  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart Desktop in order to have the change take effect.

Note: to maintain the current user settings, move the contents of the .taske folder from the user’s Windows profile directory to the new folder location.

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