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Not Ready Reason Codes Are Not Reporting in IEX

Last Updated: 15-Feb-2012


Cisco UCCX Not Ready Reason codes are not reporting properly in the IEX Totalview software.


The Not Ready reason codes need to be set up the same in all 3 pieces of software (UCCX, TASKE, IEX), if even one of the reason codes is different in any way the Not Ready reason code will not be reported correctly in the IEX software.



Get a listing of your Not Ready Codes out of the UCCX, see the sample below. Check the agents Not Ready Code button assignments, it is possible that agents are selecting the wrong codes if the buttons do not line up to the actual code definitions.

Code Description
200 Lunch
201 Break
202 Meeting
203 Coaching
32755 Call Ended
32760 Login
32761 Non-ACD Call
32766 Forced Logout
32767 Forced Login


Open the TASKE Administrator, under Report Options click the Not Ready Codes tab. Click Add to enter any Not Ready Codes that you want to use, keep the descriptions short as TASKE passes only the description field to IEX.


Check the IEX Totalview Real-Time Adherence codes, see the descriptions below for each column.

  • Event Name – Should be the simple name of the Not Ready code
  • Event Identifier – Every Not Ready event identifier should start with 17R, this lets IEX know it’s a Not Ready code from TASKE. Directly after the 17R has to be the description from TASKE, this has to be an exact duplicate of the description and it is case sensitive. If you used a capital in the TASKE description as shown above then you need to use a capital in the same location here. See examples below.
  • Agent State Name – IEX Column only, this does not affect the data sent from TASKE.
Event Name Event Identifier Agent State Name
Lunch 17RLunch NotReady: Lunch
Break 17RBreak NotReady: Break
Meeting 17RMeeting NotReady: Meeting
Coaching 17RCoaching NotReady: Coaching
Call Ended 17RCall Ended NotReady: Call Ended
Login 17Rlogin NotReady: Login
Non-ACD call 17RNon-ACD call NotReady: Non-ACD call
Forced Logout 17RForced logout NotReady: Forced logout
Forced Login 17RForced login NotReady: Forced login

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  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager


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