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TASKE Web Application Sessions Inexplicably Expire

Last Updated: 7-Nov-2011


You receive the message “Your session has either expired, or you have not yet logged in.” when using the TASKE web user interface.


Oracle® tightened the security for Java applets that access servers in Java Version 6 Update 29. Special privileges now need to be requested by the applet when the originating call is from JavaScript.


Changes have been made to TASKE software so that it is compliant with this enhanced security. Download the following patch to update the affected file. This patch will repair all versions of TASKE 8.8 through 8.9.

To update the file, perform the following steps on the TASKE server computer:

  1. Download the patch from our FTP server
  2. Double click the downloaded file to apply the patch

You may run this patch at any time. It does not require a reboot or IIS reset.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • All



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