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Two Digit AUX Work Codes Do Not Appear in Real-Time

Last Updated: 17-Mar-2015


Agents are using Auxillary Work Reason Codes with two digits and the TASKE real-time is not showing the Auxillary Reason. 


Auxillary Reason Codes are added to the TASKE database that use two digits but are not being sent to TASKE from the phone system because the phone system has not been configured to use two digit reason codes.


In the Avaya Site Administrator (ASA) program, turn on the “Two-Digit Aux Work Reason Codes” in two places using the steps provided below.

Location 1

  1. Open ASA
  2. Login
  3. Type in the command change cti-link 1
  4. Select the tab 2
  5. Change Two-Digit Aux Work Reason Codes? to “y”
  6. Save changes

Location 2

  1. Type in the command change system-parameters features
  2. Select tab 14
  3. Change Two-Digit Aux Work Reason Codes? to “y”


Note: After making these changes it is recommended that you restart the CTI LINK within ASA. This will disrupt data collection, doing this after hours or during a schedule maintenance period is recommended.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • Avaya Communication Manager


AUX Workreason code

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