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The status of components outside of TASKE Essential may affect the ability of TASKE Essential to collect data. These components are the OAISYS Net Server from Computer Telephony Solutions, Inc. and the MIS Server from Toshiba. Together, these components create the path for delivering telephone system data to TASKE Essential. This article explains how correcting a setting in the MIS Server allows it to establish its connection to the Net Server and enable TASKE Essential data collection.


The TASKE Information Server is not collecting data and the MIS tab is displaying the following message:

Not working. See log file for details


The Toshiba MIS Server is configured to connect to the Toshiba Strata ACD service. There are four components available to install during the Strata ACD installation. These are:

  • Strata ACD
  • Strata ACD Admin
  • TKI
  • MIS

MIS (the MIS Server) is the only component required by TASKE Essential. However, by default all of these components are selected for installation and if Strata ACD and Strata ACD Admin are installed, the MIS Server is automatically configured to connect to the Strata ACD service. In the event the site is not licensed for Strata ACD or the service is not running, the MIS Server will attempt to establish a connection with this component indefinitely. This prevents the MIS Server from connecting to the OAISYS Net Server, and in turn, prevents TASKE Essential data collection from starting.


Disabling the option for the MIS Server to connect to Strata ACD will allow the Information Server to collect data.

  1. Open the MIS Server from the OAISYS program group of the Microsoft Windows Start menu.
  2. Click Setup Net Server button that is located under the File menu to open the Connections window.
  3. In the ACD section of this window, disable the Connect to this service check box and save the new settings.
  4. Return to the MIS tab of the Information Server.

Data collection should begin within a few moments and the message on the tab should read Working normally.

    Applies to:

    Telephone Systems:

    • Toshiba Strata CIX40, CIX100, CIX200, CIX670 and CIX1200


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