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Queue Reports Appear to Have Too Many Abandoned Calls

Last Updated: 27-Jun-2011


When using the ACD callback feature, queue reports appear to have a high number of abandoned calls.


TASKE reports a call as abandoned if the callback script has not been completed before the user hangs up. A callback script can include many steps, such as entering a callback phone number, entering an extension, and recording a name. When the user hangs up before completing the callback script, the Toshiba telephone phone system reports a disconnected event prior to TASKE receiving a callback pending notice.


Modify the callback script to confirm the callback only after all steps for the callback script are completed. TASKE will receive the callback pending notice before the disconnected event, and the calls will be correctly reported as interflowed.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • Toshiba Strata



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