An Agent or Extension is not Credited with Time Spent in the Do Not Disturb or Work Time States

Missing resources in TASKE database cause statistics to be inaccurate.


Some agents or extensions in the Do Not Disturb (DND), Work Time, and Auxiliary (AUX) Work Time states are showing up as Idle in TASKE real-time monitoring applications and the time spent by agents and extensions in these states is zero in TASKE reporting applications.


TASKE provides two methods for monitoring activity in the Avaya telephone system:

  1. Monitor resources using the Monitor status switch set in the TASKE Administration Console.
  2. Monitor resources using the Avaya Security Database (SDB).

Telephone system resources may change over time. Regardless of the method you choose, it is important the TASKE database is kept up to date with the devices available on the Communication Manager.

Only those devices set to be monitored (method 1) or are in the SDB (method 2) will be polled for DND, Work Time, and AUX Work Time states. Any extension missing from the list will not be monitored and will not be polled for these state changes. In addition, agents logging into extensions that are not on the list will not be polled for DND, Work Time, or AUX Work Time state changes.


Enter the omitted extensions in the Administration Console and either enable the Monitor status (method 1) or export and add them to the SDB (method 2). If you are using the SDB, the TASKE Information Server will need to be restarted. Restarting services during business hours is not recommended due to data loss. This should occur at off-hours.

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