TASKE Visualizer is the ultimate cradle-to-grave call reporting tool. Its in-depth search and filtering capabilities allow managers to quickly identify problem calls. Drill-down into the call details and reveal the events of a specific call, such as the amount of time a caller was on hold or the number of times a caller was transferred. This information allows managers to review call handling techniques and improve the customer experience.

Visualizer lets you quickly search through thousands of call records for those that match given criteria. Create filters that match call records with dates; times; call types and activity; call information, such as telephone numbers and account codes; and resource participation, such as agents, extensions, queues and trunks.

Browser-based, TASKE Visualizer allows this information to be accessed from any internet enabled computer. Managers on-the-go benefit from the flexibility and portability this provides to access, view, print or email reports from the office, home or while traveling.