Solve 10 Contact Center Problems - Fast!

Are you facing one or more of the following challenges in your call center? Then TASKE's call center software is the answer for you.

Supervisor: I need to know what my agents are doing at all times throughout the shift, and how their actions are affecting our call handling efficiency.

Solution: The real-time area provides second-by-second real-time monitoring of agent activity and displays ACD statistics, such as the longest waiting call, on the supervisor's computer screen. The supervisor can track agent performance and react to potential call traffic backups before service levels slip.

Supervisor: I need to generate reports on contact center performance, call volume, individual agent activity or queue activity to help me manage my contact center effectively.

Solution: TASKE Reports provide more than 150 standard reports on abandoned calls, individual agent activity, agent groups, extensions, trunks, queue groups, activity codes and more. With simple report templates that can be saved and conveniently used again, supervisors can quickly compile detailed call activity data.

You can instantly view and print daily, weekly monthly and yearly contact center performance data in intervals as low as 15 minutes. You can also schedule automatic report printing for any time of the day, or automatically email reports as spreadsheet, database, or text files - even HTML or PDF formats! And since everything is web-based you can view your reports even while on the road.

Supervisor: I need more information on abandoned calls in my contact center.

Solution: TASKE Reports includes abandoned call reporting, which displays detailed information on calls that are not received by an agent prior to hanging up. These reports list all abandoned calls for a given queue, including start time, time to abandon and the caller's automatic number identification (ANI) information, such as telephone number and, if available, name or city.

Supervisor: How can I predict how many agents I'll need for particular shifts?

Solution: Estimating call loads and scheduling the correct number of agents are critical to any contact center supervisor who needs to strike a balance between economy and service.

TASKE forecast reports, included in the Reports suite, assist supervisors in accurately planning resource requirements and estimating call patterns. TASKE call data can also be integrated into many workforce management applications to give detailed call volume forecasts and assist with agent scheduling.

Supervisor: We have a mandate to maintain a minimum Telephone Service Factor (TSF) of 80%. I need to know when service levels begin to slip so I can motivate my agents and continue to give our callers the best possible response times. In addition, my superiors require a weekly report that includes our TSF for each day of the week.

Solution: Both TASKE Real-Time and TASKE Reports provide telephone service factor (TSF) and answer service factor (ASF) percentages. Using the Real-Time area, get service level shift statistics at the moment for any monitored queue or queue group at a glance. The Review area gives the current day TSF and ASF shift averages. When it is time to provide the weekly reports, use the Queue (or Queue Group) Weekly by Day Report to view the TSF and ASF percentages for each day of the week.

Supervisor: I want to know right away when calls are backing up or if there aren't enough agents available to handle current call traffic. This way I can correct the situation before it becomes a problem.

Solution: The TASKE Real-Time area features visual and audible supervisor alarms that alert you to situations requiring your attention. You can set the webSign to sound a warning tone or play a custom sound (WAV file) whenever call traffic exceeds predefined thresholds. For example, you might want to set alarms that let you know when there are more than 5 calls waiting in queue or when fewer than three available agents are logged in. You can rectify the situation before service levels slip. If you want everyone to know, DisplayCentral shows the statistics on a wall screen and can also be set to alert with a sound when thresholds are exceeded.

Supervisor: I want to manage my contact center when I'm on the road or away from the office.

Solution: All TASKE products are a web-based, lightweight, and fully customizable web portal designed as a portal to your contact center. The TASKE web application supports HTML5 compatible browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. This solution is also operating-system independent, providing you with the ability to manage your contact center from any computer with Internet access, including UNIX-based systems, Apple Macintosh computers, and thin-client Network computers.

Supervisor: Scheduling agents takes so long! Is there a quick way to create agent schedules that take into account my company's business hours, peak call-traffic periods, part-time employees, vacation time and other scheduling issues?

Solution: TASKE features many integrations with leading workforce management products. These applications work with TASKE in forecasting staffing levels and scheduling agents quickly and easily. You can make schedule changes on the fly and verify that agents are following their schedules with the agent adherence feature in the TASKE real-time area.

Supervisor: We've got contact centers in a number of different cities. How can I manage these multiple locations from one office?

Solution: With TASKE Enterprise, an optional add-on module you can manage multiple sites from a single desktop computer. Whether across town or around the world, you can monitor remote contact center locations simultaneously in real time and generate detailed TASKE reports on call activity. TASKE Enterprise leverages Internet and TCP/IP communications to consolidate contact center data. Since it uses existing wide area networks, TASKE Enterprise does not require installation of private voice network or other expensive hardware upgrades.

Supervisor: Real-time monitoring of call activity is great, but sometimes I wish I could review past ACD events.

Solution: With the TASKE Replay feature, you can review ACD activity exactly as it happened. ACD replay plays back historical agent or queue activity as it appeared in TASKE's real-time area. Playback speed is fully adjustable and you can stop, rewind or fast-forward with the click of a mouse.

The Replay trigger feature makes it easy to pinpoint the source of inefficiencies in contact center performance by automatically halting playback at preselected thresholds. For example, you can set the playback to stop at the first abandoned call of the day in order to verify queue volume and agent actions at that time.