Real-time capabilities
Configurable web portal with second-by-second monitoring of agents, agent groups, queues and queue groups
Real-time display of queue status and key performance indicators
Real-time display of agent status and key performance indicators
Real-time display of agent and queue summary statistics
Real-time display of trunk status
Real-time display of calls waiting in queue
Replay historical call event activity
Configurable webSign displays selected agent and queue status information
Definable threshold alarms on agent and queue status
Real-time integration with workforce management solutions
Configurable portal for monitoring employee extensions and departmental extension groups
Real-time display of employee extension status
Real-time display of extension summary statistics
Large screen display of key metrics and other data
Desktop real-time data
Recording of incoming and outgoing calls to MP3 format
Extension call detail reporting for all extensions
Reporting on all extensions and trunks
Export reports and search results
Cradle-to-grave search tool with visual call display
Reporting on internal extension-to-extension calls
Send reports and search results to email recipients
Abandoned caller reports
Schedule reports to print, email, or export automatically
Reporting on all agents and queues
ODBC interface to summary data files
Forecast agent and trunk requirements based on historical traffic activity
Automatic database population using telephone system database configuration
Resource level security controls access to data
Integrated file maintenance functions
Source file data retention
High-performance database architecture
Uses bi-directional CTI link to telephone system
Browser-based HTML5 application