TASKE Contact Center Analysis Software

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Key Features of TASKE

Real-Time Monitoring
  • Keep on top of what is going on in the contact center right now updated second-by-second
  • Review key performance statistics reflecting what has happened so far today
  • Track performance of your service level targets

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Desktop Dashboard
  • Employees can monitor real-time conditions on their own computers
  • Empower agents to make decisions based on current contact center conditions

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Replay Call Events
  • Up-to-the-second historical playback of contact center activity, anytime
  • Determine why specific events occurred

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Historical Reports
  • Historical reporting focused on call activity and forecasts using historical data
  • Enhance customer service and maintain service level targets
  • Report by day, week, month or year

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  • Display customized big-picture messaging to inform and motivate the call center to meet business goals
  • Communicate real-time metrics to the entire team at once

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Web-based Interface
  • Access real-time information and all reports through a web-browser
  • Provides access to your contact center performance data from anywhere, anytime
Multiple Sites
  • Manage multiple sites from one location
  • Real-time and historical reports for all sites available through a single user interface
Call Flow Visualizer
  • Cradle-to-grave analysis of call flow through the call center, including hold times and transfers
  • Perform complex call record searches with ease
  • Investigate calls to improve performance

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Call Recording
  • Record calls in real-time and listen to them later
  • Use for employee training and improving customer service

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Workforce Management
  • Integrates with innovative partner solutions for workforce management
  • Predict staffing requirements, call volumes and call handle times
  • Reduce staffing costs by having right amount of staff in every shift

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TASKE really has changed how we run our business. The information available from the TASKE products allows Seneca One to run in a more sophisticated manner.

TASKE has you covered, on-site or in the cloud

TASKE offers economical real-time contact center activity monitoring and historical reporting for the contact center. The web portal uses HTML5 to provide second-by-second real-time updates. TASKE's advanced cradle-to-grave call search tool, Visualizer, provides the insight necessary to improve contact center service levels and enhance customer retention strategies. Organizations use TASKE to report on all contact activity, monitor and improve call center agents’ performance levels, respond immediately to changing volume and agent availability and control operating costs.

TASKE offers both Perpetual and Subscription licensing options. It is easy to use and helps contact centers continually improve their customer service. Isn't it time to take your contact center to TASKE?

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TASKE solutions support the following telephone systems:

Not all products or features described are available for all telephone systems. For more information, please fill out the Request for Information form.