TASKE Technology Inc. provides analytical applications that enable small to mid-sized contact centers to function more efficiently, providing exceptional customer service and increase their customer loyalty and retention. With thousands of installations worldwide, we offer unmatched technical support and expert training. TASKE Technology has an excellent, long-standing, reputation of offering proven, robust, and affordable products.

Our software ensures that contact centers can service large numbers of customers personally and effectively during peak traffic times. With its comprehensive reporting and analysis tools, TASKE allows managers to easily coordinate and optimize business resources. An award-winning product, TASKE supports the real-time collection and management of information and activities.

Contact center analysis applications collect and manage real-time and historical data and activities that occur within a contact center. This gives managers accurate information to make decisions affecting the operational efficiency and customer service levels within their business.

The link between computers and telephones has changed the landscape for businesses over the last 30 years. With this link, the amount of data running through an enterprise has skyrocketed. Technology has also enabled us to have remote workers and cloud telephone systems. With all these advancements, the only way a company is going to keep customers, is to deliver exceptional service; the only way a company can deliver exceptional service and prevent skyrocketing operational costs, is through effective management of contact center resources.

While any business with a telephone system can benefit from TASKE, contact centers face particular challenges which TASKE has spent the past 30 years solving.

The TASKE server application is installed on a Windows server or virtual machine which is connected to the telephone system via a Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) or network link. TASKE collects information in real-time about the activity in your contact center through that link, such as calls initiated, put on hold, transferred, etc. Using a web browser, supervisors can monitor this real-time activity in up-to-the-second detail. They can also run historical reports to analyze telephone system utilization, agent performance and service level achievements.

TASKE software caters to numerous industries. Any business that has numerous phones with customers calling them has a direct need for a management system. TASKE is a definite asset for clients in the following markets:

Legal Services Real Estate Accounting
Retail Manufacturing Transportation
Hospitality Banking & Finance Utilities
Healthcare Education & Social Services Communication

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Three key differentiators keep TASKE Technology ahead of the competition:

  1. A proven, robust product that continues to offer innovative features
  2. An excellent reputation with over three decades of quality service
  3. Superior customer support

Product. Loyal customers have used our exceptional product for three decades. Our continued innovation offers customers new features and stays ahead of technological advances in the industry.

Reputation. TASKE Technology has established a superior reputation in the market for delivering an excellent product and valuable support for over three decades.

Superior Support. Our team of professional technical support specialists and professional service experts go the extra mile.

TASKE continues to innovate by listening to and acting on customer and industry needs. In addition, as customers move from traditional switches to VOIP to the cloud, TASKE products provide investment protection, as they integrate and upgrade seamlessly from one to the other.

Currently, TASKE Technology has 7,000+ installations worldwide.

Our primary focus is centered on North America. Nonetheless, TASKE has had installations in 15+ countries around the world in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. However our applications are only available in English at this time.

We provide telephone and email support to customers with a current support subscription Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST/EDT, not including statutory holidays. Customers with Total Care + can schedule After Hours Assistance to gain access to support personnel after our regular business hours.

Software upgrades are provided for free to customers with a support agreement or current Subscription license.

If you select a telephone system compatible with TASKE and you have a current support plan, then our services team can help you migrate to the new telephone system seamlessly. The TASKE system will provide access to call data for your new system and maintain historical reports from the old system. Additional service fees may be applicable.