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Perpetual versus Subscription Licenses

TASKE has released a Subscription License option in addition to the traditional Perpetual License.

What is a perpetual license?

Traditionally, TASKE software is purchased using a perpetual license. This software license is paid for upfront and licensed based on the number of agents you needed to monitor and TASKE features you want to use. The software is installed on a physical machine or a virtual machine in your private cloud. Technical support and software upgrades are available by purchasing a Total Care support plan for an annual fee.

What is a subscription license?

A subscription license is a monthly fee you pay to use the software. In TASKE’s hosted subscription model, we provide an Amazon Web Services EC2 server instance that hosts our software. We then charge monthly per minute used, which is calculated as Total Time calls are in Queue + Total Agent Talk Time. As long as you pay the monthly usage fees, and that usage is greater than 0, you are entitled to use all features of the software. The subscription fees include access to our Technical Support team and new versions of the software as they are released.

How do I decide?

Both license models have advantages and disadvantages and depend on your unique needs and available resources. There is no right or wrong answer, only what is right for your business. There is no difference in functionality between a subscription or a perpetual license or the type of support you will receive from our team.

If you still have questions, please contact our sales team to discuss the options.

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