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Measure for Success

A lack of data is not likely a problem for your business. In fact, your contact center may have volumes of data about how many calls it gets in a day, how long callers waited to be answered, how many callers gave up waiting before they were answered, and so on. While these statistics are certainly valuable to you on a individual basis, you may want to consider leveraging further. Many businesses have found value in using statistics as metrics for key performance indicators. In other words, you can measure activity in the contact center to determine whether it is meeting higher-level business goals.

Let’s look at an example. A business in a very competitive market wants to keep as many customers as possible while giving new customers a positive experience.  One of the objectives for this business, then, is to maintain a relatively high customer satisfaction rate.  While this business objective affects all of its organizations, customer-facing units such as sales and support need to be particularly aware of changing conditions that could decrease customer satisfaction. Responding quickly and appropriately to these changes can mitigate any short-term concerns before they become long-term headaches. Read more of Measure for Success

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Take a Fresh Look at Average Handle Time

Often, we look at particular statistics with a single focus, typically related to whether we’re meeting service levels or operating efficiently. It’s worth taking a fresh look at some of the more commonly-used statistics to see if we’re getting all the valuable insights they offer. Average Handle Time (AHT), for example, can be used to determine whether your team is meeting defined service levels and working efficiently. It can also be an important factor when forecasting call center staffing or identifying problems with the systems that support your agents.

Read more of Take a Fresh Look at Average Handle Time

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Tips for Improving Your FCR Rate

Last month, we talked about why FCR (First Call Resolution) is important in helping you assess customer satisfaction. Not only do customers get frustrated if they need to keep explaining their issues over and over without getting a resolution, but your operating costs are higher because these calls unnecessarily increase your call volume, requiring you to schedule more agents.  We also talked about a few guidelines for measuring FCR, from tracking the number of callback from the same phone numbers to using a CRM together with you telephone reporting solution for higher levels of accuracy.

Now, let’s look at a few ways to try to improve your FCR rate. Read more of Tips for Improving Your FCR Rate

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The Role of First Call Resolution in Assessing Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction. We’re always trying to improve it through new programs and services, analysis of key metrics and employee performance, and, if possible, direct communication with our customers. The variables in play can seem daunting when trying to understand even fundamental drivers for customer satisfaction. For example, your customers’ preferences for communicating with you can vary significantly depending on demographics such as age, geographical location, and disposable income.

All of our efforts are worth the investment because keeping customers happy keeps them coming back to us. While it isn’t easy to sort through all the factors than can affect customer satisfaction, there’s one statistic that is generally accepted as a good indicator.

In its simplest form, FCR (First Call Resolution) means that when a caller hangs up at the end of the first call to your contact center about an issue, it’s resolved. The caller doesn’t call back for followup on the same issue. Read more of The Role of First Call Resolution in Assessing Customer Satisfaction

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Keeping Your Holiday Customers Happy

Congratulations. You’ve made it through the holiday season.  If you followed the tips in our December blog, you probably picked up new customers, provided incentives for customers to purchase your products or services, and supported your staff through the busiest time of the year. Be careful though. You’re not quite ready yet to take a break and recouperate. Let’s talk about a few things you may encounter in the post-holiday period. Read more of Keeping Your Holiday Customers Happy

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