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Effects of Staffing Cuts on Your Contact Center

Today’s economic environment means keeping an eye on budgets to make sure that your business is running as cost-effectively as possible.  If you’re lucky, you’re being asked to encourage cost efficiencies. Unfortunately, many executives and managers are being mandated to cut costs. Given that the largest cost to most call centers is labor, cutting costs frequently means reducing staff.

In the blog The Lean & Mean Contact Center, Martin Prunty evaluates the impact of staff cuts on both customer and employee satisfaction given increasing cut percentages. His conclusion is that this type of cost cutting “circumvents the contact center cost hierarchy, where customer demand drives resource requirements….When resources are reduced in deference to customer demand, the expected cost savings are not often achieved.  In some cases…costs can actually increase.”

It makes sense that without reducing your call volume, cutting the number of available agents to answer calls is going to lower customer satisfaction. Customers will experience longer wait times and a higher percentage of customers will simply get tired of waiting and hang up. Read more of Effects of Staffing Cuts on Your Contact Center

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