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The Value of True Real-Time Data to Your Customer Service Levels

We’ve just returned from Cisco Live in London, UK. This event was a great opportunity to hear about cutting-edge insights from experts who will set the agenda for the future of technology and business.  Many attendees were interested to find out that TASKE is the only vendor with a product suite for CISCO that provides data to users in less than a second, making it a true real-time solution. As well, the data is available to all users in the contact center, not just supervisors. Read more of The Value of True Real-Time Data to Your Customer Service Levels

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Building Success One Call at a Time

Often, when we talk about the contribution of a contact center to its business, we look at high-level factors, such as key metrics, operating costs, or resource allocation. These are important considerations when assessing your overall contribution, but let’s not lose sight of the reason your call center exists: to provide service or information via incoming or outgoing calls.

The ability of your agents to properly handle each and every call is key to building the customer relationships that your business needs to succeed. For insights into how agents are handling individual calls, many organizations use call tracking and analysis software. Following the lifecycle of a call – from connection through to disconnect – can be invaluable for issue resolution, training opportunities, and management intervention. Read more of Building Success One Call at a Time

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News from the IAUG 2011

We’ve just come back from the International Avaya Users Group conference in Las Vegas. It was an exciting time to be at Ceasars Palace. With over 3000 representatives from the entire Avaya user community, the conference had the best attendance record yet.

Attendees who dropped by our booth had a great opportunity to see a demo of our products and to meet Dan Campion, who recently joined our sales team. Dan’s enthusiasm for providing the right solution to our customers comes from over 25 years experience in various strategic roles in the telecommunications industry. Dan says that “after seeing the excitement in a customer’s eyes once they saw a demo of a TASKE solution, and then after selling TASKE and hearing how much they loved the product and how it changed the way they ran their call centers, I decided I had to join the team.” Read more of News from the IAUG 2011

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