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Enabling Your Modern Workforce

Today, we expect information on demand and at our fingertips. In the context of our increasingly mobile workforce, it’s particularly important that the information we rely on to make decisions is accurate, and available both where and when we need it. Read more of Enabling Your Modern Workforce

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High Customer Satisfaction from Increased Visibility

Customer satisfaction directly affects the success of your business. To make sure that customer satisfaction remains high, it’s important that you have visibility into interactions between your agents and your customers. Ideally, this visibility is multi-faceted to eliminate the bias to your perception that any individual view could introduce.

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Take a Fresh Look at Average Handle Time

Often, we look at particular statistics with a single focus, typically related to whether we’re meeting service levels or operating efficiently. It’s worth taking a fresh look at some of the more commonly-used statistics to see if we’re getting all the valuable insights they offer. Average Handle Time (AHT), for example, can be used to determine whether your team is meeting defined service levels and working efficiently. It can also be an important factor when forecasting call center staffing or identifying problems with the systems that support your agents.

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Use ASF to Assess the Service Level Provided by Queues

Last month, we looked at why the telephone service factor (TSF) is one critical measure of the level of service your agents offer. The efficiency of agents in connecting with your callers has a significant effect on customer satisfaction. Another important measure of service level is the answer service factor (ASF), which helps you assess the service level provided by queues. Read more of Use ASF to Assess the Service Level Provided by Queues

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Empowering Agents for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Last month, we looked at a few areas to investigate if performance metrics plateau. One great way to minimize the risk that you’ll face this problem in the first place is to ensure that your agents are engaged in their work and invested in the success of your team. Agents who see value in their role are key to keeping your customers satisfied and loyal.

Recently, BBC3 in the U.K. aired a television series that portrayed the contact center management practices of Neville Wilshire, founder and CEO of the Swansea-based Save Britain Money group. Wilshire’s management practices are controversial. You don’t hear best practice recommendations that suggest singing to start the day, but in the article “The Call Center: Nev’s unconventional employee engagement methods”, Lara Doyle points out that “the core concept of the methods he utilises is to keep his employees happy in order to maintain performance levels”.

More traditionally, the recommended way of engaging agents is to empower them with the authority to use their own best judgment when handling customer issues and managing their time.

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