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Today, we expect information on demand and at our fingertips. In the context of our increasingly mobile workforce, it’s particularly important that the information we rely on to make decisions is accurate, and available both where and when we need it.

  • An accurate view of real-time activity. Proactive management of changes in your contact center has never been more important to customer satisfaction. Just as we expect on-demand and convenient access to information about our workforce, customers have the same expectation when making purchasing decisions or inquiring about issues resolutions. For example, a growing queue of waiting customer calls will quickly translate to a spike in abandoned calls as callers become impatient. Your intervention to reduce wait times by adding agents to the queue can head off the number of callers that get tired of waiting and hang up, which in turn, increases customer satisfaction with your ability to respond to their needs.
  • Freedom from physical co-existence. Office globalization, telecommuting, and flexible work hours mean that it’s critical that you keep an eye on contact center activity regardless of your physical location relative to the call center and its agents. Whether you’re walking the contact center floor, in a meeting at a different office or travelling in another country to meet suppliers, you need to monitor real-time activity and investigate potential disruptions to the service you provide. See a high number of transferred calls? Take a look at group-level activity to identify agents of concern, and then drill-down for specific information about a particular agent’s activity. Mobile solutions give you a view of your contact center even if you’re not there.
  • Communications that keep you connected at any time. Similarly, a geographically disperse workforce means that it’s all that much more important to communicate clearly and in a timely manner. On-demand information helps you stay in touch with the performance of your contact center relative to specific business objectives. If you see that certain activity is falling outside of mandated performance thresholds, you can provide your team leads with the information needed to make educated decisions about how to improve performance. As an aside, don’t forget the importance of positive reinforcement. When your team is working well together to achieve business goals, make sure you commend them for it!


At TASKE we’ve always provided accurate information about activity in your contact center across all our real-time monitoring and historical reporting solutions. Introducing modern web-based interfaces means that you can use our applications on mobile phones, iPads, tablets and computers, giving you the freedom you need to check in anywhere, anytime.

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