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Customer satisfaction directly affects the success of your business. To make sure that customer satisfaction remains high, it’s important that you have visibility into interactions between your agents and your customers. Ideally, this visibility is multi-faceted to eliminate the bias to your perception that any individual view could introduce.

At TASKE, we provide the tools you need to understand the customer-facing interactions that have occurred in the past, but also, that are happening right now. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • See what’s happening now. Real-time visibility means that you can intervene as soon as possible when conditions exist that could negatively affect customer satisfaction. For example, a current offer by Sales could cause a peak in your call volume, increasing the time that callers are waiting to be answered. Not all callers will wait patiently. To decrease the number of abandoned calls, you may want to make more agents available to take calls.
    TASKE Real-time lets you see what’s happening in your call center right now. You can keep an eye on call activity and make sure that customers are getting the attention they deserve in a timely manner.
  • Report on historical activity. Reporting on historical activity gives you visibility into the trends that affect customer satisfaction over time. For example, reporting on callers’ locations may show that calls are decreasing from a specific geographical region, which might indicate dissatisfaction with your level of service. Your organization can use this data to investigate whether callers from that region would benefit from additional services. You might add agents that speak languages other than English or extend call center hours for a time zone more suitable for callers from that region.
    TASKE Reports leverages the data that’s been collected over time. Once you’ve identified patterns in the data, you can distribute information to other stakeholders. For example, you can send report data in a spreadsheet to your Executive Team to support their decision-making efforts.
  • Analyze caller interactions. Call records provide the most accurate representation of what happened between agents and customers, and when it happened, particularly when calls are escalated. With TASKE Visualizer, you can search all call records to find specific calls and view the cradle-to-grave lifecycle for each call. When used in combination with TASKE Call Recording, you can listen to an entire call or selected segments for an indisputable record of the call.

It’s important that your understanding of customer satisfaction is based on real data. Use TASKE to obtain and analyze that data, and to use those insights to improve customer satisfaction in the future. With the visibility TASKE gives you into real-time and historical activity and interactions, you may discover insights that lead to innovations in your business for improved customer service.

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