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TASKE Technology Recognized by CIO Review

The CIO Review came up with a specially curated list of leading contact center technology solution providers, to help companies enhance their contact center capabilities.

TASKE Technology is thrilled to be included on their list:

The Top 20 Most Promising Contact Center Technology Solution Providers 2019

Dennis Johns, CEOExceptional customer service is emerging as the key performance determinant for call centers. 2019 has emerged as the year of strategic thinking, and this is where TASKE fits in, aiming to bring in newer ideas and improved strategies to service customer interactions.

CIO Review With a fairly straightforward cloud-based architecture, TASKE has completely transitioned from traditional premise-based software to a customer-driven hosted cloud environment. Being inspired by what Amazon has done with its AWS division to take the lead in cloud licensing, Dennis Johns, CEO of TASKE, enabled its subscription-based model by rewriting the entire agreement, re-working on the backend CRM, and changing the billing and licensing capabilities.

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