After-hours support during COVID-19 situation

A message to our valued customers: We are here to help you

As concerns over COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to intensify throughout the globe, TASKE would like to take this moment to let you know we are ready to help you. Perhaps you are making changes to your call center in order to support an increased call volume during this crisis or are challenged with adapting to a remote workforce, we are here to assist in making any required changes to your TASKE system.

Available immediately, TASKE is offering complimentary after-hours support for all our customers enrolled in a current Total Care plan. If you find yourself in need of assistance outside our normal support hours of 9am – 8pm EST/EDT, fill in our Support Form. Our team will respond between 8am – 11pm EST/EDT.

TASKE, as a company, is also making corporate decisions to safeguard our employees. These include cancellation of all business travel. If your company was scheduled for an on-site visit, our team will be contacting you to reschedule or to provide our services remotely instead.

We understand how important business continuity is to you and we want you to know we are here and ready to support you in any way we can.

Thank you for your business,
Dennis Johns
CEO & President, TASKE Technology Inc.

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