2018 Q2 TASKE Software Now Available

An exciting new release for TASKE

TASKE has released version 2018.2 of all software product packages: Contact, Essential, Reporter, Visualizer and Recording. Customers with more than one of our products must upgrade all together in order to continue to function normally. A new license key will be required to install this version, fill out the request form or contact support for assistance.

This release is available for TASKE Contact, Essential, Visualizer, and Reporter customers utilizing the Avaya Communication Manager, Cisco, and Toshiba telephone systems. Customers currently enrolled in the TASKE Total Care Program can receive this software for free!* Please ensure you carefully review the system requirements.

This release moves version 8.9 into retirement. We strongly encourage our customers to upgrade to a newer release (2016.4 or newer) in order to continue to receive the best support we can offer.

Customers wishing to upgrade to this version from an 8.x version should take note: this version does not include TASKE Chat. Due to the number of alternative third party chat services available, it no longer made sense to continue to support this feature and instead focus our efforts elsewhere in the product.


The 2018 software includes the following new capabilities:

  • Report resource selection includes searching and sorting
  • Added a table view to real-time which shows agents and their states in a list type format
  • Abandon Rate statistic added to real-time and review
  • User password security enhancements - ability specify length and required characters, users cannot reuse old passwords
  • User accounts may be suspended, and ability to automatically suspend after multiple failed access attempts
  • Desktop upgrades after this version will be optional
  • Added more options to the user creation tool including importing a list of user's names
  • Visualizer will not time out when running long queries
  • Alarm sounds added to webSign

Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems

  • Added ability to use an unrestricted CTI User for data collection
  • Added ability to only start device monitor when an agent is logged in
  • Visualizer
    • Added filter for calls with recordings
    • Calls with recordings have indicator in result list
  • Call Recording
    • Ability to listen to an in progress call
    • Ability to pause and resume recording for PCI compliance

Specific to Cisco Telephone Systems

  • Option to have agent time in state reset when their Not Ready reason code changes

If you have any questions about this release, please contact TASKE Support.

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