2017 Q3 TASKE Software Now Available

Yet more features for our customers

TASKE has released version 2017.3 of all it's products: Contact, Essential, Reporter, Visualizer and Recording.

This update is available for TASKE Contact, Essential, Visualizer, and Reporter customers utilizing the Avaya Communication Manager, Cisco, Iwatsu, and Toshiba telephone systems.

Customers currently enrolled in the TASKE Total Care Program can receive this software for free!* Please ensure you carefully review the system requirements for this new version prior to upgrading as they have changed. A new license key will be required if you are upgrading from version 8.x, fill out the request form or contact support for assistance.

Customers wishing to upgrade to this version from an 8.x version should take note: this version does not include TASKE Chat. Due to the number of alternative third party chat services available, it no longer made sense to continue to support this feature and instead focus our efforts elsewhere in the product.


This software includes many bug fixes and the following enhancements:

  • Added ACD Hold information to real-time in Desktop and Web Portal
  • Improved Desktop loading speed for large sites
  • Added link to view contents of a report template
  • Added ability to edit a report template from within the report viewer
  • Added queue information to Visualizer call details ringing event
  • Updated DisplayCentral to use IE 10 emulation when displaying web pages
  • HTML5 compatible - Java is no longer required to use the web portal real-time
  • Added SSL support
  • Added support for 64-bit JRE for Desktop
  • Ability to resize and maintain columns widths in Desktop
  • Administrator will retain window position and size
  • Removal of all Chat services

Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems

  • Integration with our new Call Recording platform. Customers can listen to recordings of their calls from within Visualizer
  • Additional filtering options based on caller ANI, destination queue and agent for selecting which calls to record
  • Call recordings stored in a more compact MP3 format

If you have any questions about this release, please contact TASKE Support.

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