2021 Q1 TASKE Software Now Available

An exciting new release for TASKE

TASKE has released version 2021.1 of all software product packages: Contact, Essential and Visualizer.

This release is available for customers utilizing the Avaya Communication Manager and Cisco telephone systems. Customers currently enrolled in the TASKE Total Care Program can receive this software for free!* Please ensure you carefully review the system requirements.

We strongly encourage our customers to upgrade to a newer release (2018.1 or newer) in order to continue to receive the best support we can offer.

Administration Console

In this release, we have introduced a web-based Administration Console for managing your TASKE system. It provides the ability to see what services are running; add, edit and remove telephone system resources from the TASKE system as well as manage your TASKE users.

View the release notes:
TASKE Administration Console for call center management

If you have any questions, please contact TASKE Support.

How do I get it?

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