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We are proud to be building top quality call center management solutions for everyday businesses.


TASKE solutions provide companies with the tools they need to ensure their customers receive the superior customer service they deserve.

TASKE features include enhanced up-to-the-second real-time views of all callers waiting for or speaking with agents, historical reporting on all inbound, outbound and internal call activity as well as call search tool with cradle-to-grave call view. Our software automates management activities providing operational control and flexibility at an economical price, enabling everyday businesses to achieve and exceed their service level expectations.

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A Private Company

TASKE is a privately held firm headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with representation throughout the USA. Established in 1989, and with 7000+ installations worldwide and counting, TASKE is into its third decade of providing the most advanced communications management solutions for the contact center and enterprise.

Our Partners

TASKE works closely with many industry leaders to provide robust and affordable call center software applications for Avaya, Cisco, Toshiba, and Iwatsu telephone systems.

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Our Customers

TASKE's customers include a broad range of vertical markets including health care providers, banks, retail locations, credit unions and more.

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We have performance standards to meet and now we're exceeding them, so we'll continue to use TASKE to analyze the objectives of the organization and to better evaluate what our needs are for our future propositions.

Frequently Asked Questions

TASKE Technology Inc. provides software applications that enable small to mid-sized contact centers to function more efficiently, providing exceptional customer service and increase their customer loyalty and retention. With thousands of installations worldwide, we offer unmatched technical support and expert training. TASKE Technology has an excellent, long-standing, reputation of offering proven, robust, and affordable products for Avaya, Cisco, Toshiba, and Iwatsu telephone systems.

The product suite ensures that contact centers and any business with a telephone system can service large numbers of telephone calls personally and effectively during peak traffic times. With its comprehensive reporting and analysis tools, TASKE reporting software allows managers to easily coordinate and optimize business resources. An award-winning product, TASKE supports the real-time collection and management of information and activities. The replay feature of TASKE features up-to-the-second accuracy on historical agent and queue activity and Enterprise allows supervisors to manage various office locations through one convenient user interface. TASKE also includes seamless integration with various workforce management solutions. Other products include desktop and large display messaging tools. Our Solutions section describes all these features in detail.

Call management applications collect and manage real-time and historical data and activities that occur within a contact center, call center, or small business. This gives managers accurate information to make decisions affecting the operational efficiency and customer service levels within their business. Additional applications include: large screen displays, desktop messaging; reader-board messaging; and workforce management tools.

The link between computers and telephones has changed the landscape for businesses over the last 25 years. With this link, the amount of data running through an enterprise has skyrocketed. Technology has also enabled us to have remote workers and clustered telephone systems. With all these advancements, the only way a manager is going to keep loyal customers, is to deliver exceptional service; the only way a manager can deliver exceptional service and prevent skyrocketing operational costs, is through effective management of communication resources.

TASKE software caters to numerous industries. Any business that has numerous phones has a direct need for a call management system. TASKE is a definite asset for clients in the following markets:

Legal Services Real Estate Accounting
Retail Manufacturing Transportation
Hospitality Banking & Finance Utilities
Healthcare Education & Social Services Communication

Three key differentiators keep TASKE Technology ahead of the competition:

  1. A proven, robust product that continues to offer innovative features
  2. An excellent reputation with over two decades of quality service
  3. Superior customer support

Product. Loyal customers have used our exceptional product for two decades. Our continued innovation offers customers new features and stays ahead of technological advances in the industry.

Reputation. TASKE Technology has established a superior reputation in the call management market for delivering an excellent product and valuable support for over two decades.

Superior Support. Our team of professional technical support specialists and professional service experts go the extra mile for resellers and for customers. In addition, we offer all our services on-line for extra convenience and versatility not to mention significant cost savings to the customer.

TASKE continues to innovate by listening to and acting on customer, reseller and industry needs. In addition, as customers move from traditional switches to VOIP, TASKE products provide investment protection, as they integrate and upgrade seamlessly from one to the other.
Currently, TASKE Technology has 7,000+ installations worldwide and supports integration from leading manufacturers, including: Avaya, Cisco, Iwatsu, and Toshiba.
Our primary focus is centered on North America. Nonetheless, TASKE has had installations in 15+ countries around the world in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.
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