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Supported Web Browsers for TASKE Web Portal

Last Updated: 2-May-2017


This article describes the requirements for a TASKE environment running the latest publicly released version.

Utilizing the TASKE Web Portal requires a browser that supports:

  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript 1.8+
  • WebSocket interface
  • Cookies enabled

Recommended Browsers

TASKE web client applications are expected to be fully functional in operation and appearance in the latest publicly released version of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge*
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

TASKE endeavours to ensure every customer has the best possible experience utilizing TASKE applications. However, testing on every browser version and device combination is no longer possible as many new browser versions are deployed regularly. If an issue is discovered with one of the recommended browsers listed above, please contact TASKE support so our development team can resolve the issue.

Check Your Browser – Click here to check whether your current browser meets our requirements

* At this time, Microsoft Edge does not support playing m3u files which is required for Call Recording ‘All’ playlists. Please use an alternative browser if you are utilizing TASKE Call Recording.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • All



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