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When logging into TASKE Contact, you may get an error stating that Java detection has failed in spite of having Java installed.

Java Detection Failed
Java™ is either disabled or not present. Java is required by TASKE web applications. The Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is recommended.


With the ever growing popularity of 64-bit architecture it is important to install the right version of Java for your system.

    1. Visit www.java.com
    2. Click Free Java DownloadJava Download
    3. If you are unsure which architecture you are running (32-bit or 64-bit) click See all Java downloadsJava All downloads
    4. The page will now show which architecture your Internet Browser is runningJava 32or64
    5. Select the Windows Offline download that corresponds to the architecture that Java detected.
    6. Download and install Java.

Additional Information

If you are still encountering this error please refer to the following two TASKE articles  for more troubleshooting steps

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