Contact Center Call Management Software:
TASKE Contact Version 8.9

Build your contact center on a solid foundation with TASKE Contact software, flexible contact center call management software. Thousands of contact and call center supervisors around the world rely on TASKE Contact software to help manage their agents, set and meet service levels, and provide vital management information on all call activity.

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Real-Time updated every second

TASKE Contact offers real-time ACD monitoring and historical call reporting for the contact center. Among other enhancements, this version offers a web portal for access to real-time data and TASKE's advanced cradle-to-grave search tool, Visualizer.  Our solutions provide the insight necessary to improve contact center service levels and enhance customer retention strategies. Organizations use TASKE to report on all inbound, outbound, and internal call activity, monitor and improve call center agents’ performance levels, respond immediately to changing call volume and agent availability and control operating costs. TASKE Contact is a robust call center management software application that is easy to use and its advanced forecasting applications help contact centers continually improve their customer service.

These key features mean contact center managers using TASKE Contact can:

  • Real-Time
    Respond immediately to changing call volumes and resource availability
  • Review
    See what has happened so far today
  • Replay
    Improve fiscal management; Identify and target inefficiencies
  • Reports
    Enhance customer service and maintain service level targets
  • Visualizer
    Perform complex call record searches with ease

And More...

Purchase add-on modules to further enhance your suite of applications.

  • DisplayCentral
    Real-time information delivered direct to your front line. A dynamic plasma wallboard solution.
  • Desktop
    Keep employees informed of contact center conditions when wall mounted reader boards might not be a practical answer
  • Enterprise
    Keep managers informed about conditions in multiple contact centers with only one connection
  • Workforce Management
    Help managers schedule numerous employees more efficiently and effectively


Demo Watch the TASKE Contact Interactive Demo to see in action all the features of this call center reporting tool.


"If anyone needs a real-time monitoring and reporting tool that gives them availability to information quickly and easily, they should really consider using TASKE."

- Jennifer Fidler, National Call Center Manager
MSC Industrial Supply Company

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